Twisted Crank can help companies get name recognition within the racing community. Racers are people with a large amount of disposable income. They are very loyal to companies who work within the racing community to promote and continue racing programs. Twisted Crank performs in the SCCA National Time Trials. Here is the link. https://timetrials.scca.com/ This program is an interesting one in that it caters to a more grass roots motorsports enthusiasts normally left out in regular wheel to wheel racing. The SCA National Time Trials allows racers to use a variety of vehicles categorized by the types of modifications to complete against each other, especially their regular daily drivers. You are not limited to specialized vehicles. Whether it’s a Honda Fit or a Porsche GT3, if it has wheels and a motor, you can run it in SCCA National Time Trials. The competitors can even insure their vehicles for their time on the track with HPDE Insurance. Currently, Twisted Crank has won a regional round at Gingerman Raceway in early 2018 in South Haven, MI, finished in the top 10 in 2018 SCCA National Final in Bowling Green, KY, 2nd Place in 2019 Gingerman Regional in South Haven, MI and 6th Place overall and 5th in the Unlimited Class in 2019 in the SCCA National Finals in Bowling Green, Ky. Twisted Crank gets noticed and can get your company noticed. Twisted Crank will be participating in three of the SCCA events this year. The Gingerman Raceway regional in South Haven, MI, Nelson Ledges regional in Nelson Ledges, OH, and NCM Motorsports Park Final in Bowing Green Ky.